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General Information:

***As of September 1, 2021, we will be returning to our normal operating procedures. This includes our minimum numbers per night and it also includes cancellations. If you aren’t able to keep your date as of September 1, 2021, we are not holding it for you next year. We hope you understand as we have been patient opening back up. We hope to see you all soon!***

We are located in Oldham County, KY in Crestwood.  The retreats are located in Crestwood between Centerfield and Ballardsville on Highway 22.
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My husband, Joe is the mastermind behind the renovation of both retreat homes.

He can do just about anything and has orchestrated having Pieceful Haven moved from another location.  He has torn out walls, built on a sunroom, a huge deck and porches as well as constructed a basement under a house sitting on the likes of Jenga wood blocks to the mundane of making sure of the little details.  This house simply would not have happened without him.

With Sew Pieceful Retreat, he has done the likes of taking a Sows Ear and turning it into a Silk Purse.  The original building was located on our property.  He moved it onto a new foundation, built around three sides of it and has turned an old, ugly building into a quilters dream.

As for me, I have been quilting since the early 80’s.  I made my first quilt when I was pregnant with our daughter.  I didn’t have a clue what I was doing, but I still have that quilt and you will find it hanging at Pieceful Haven.

Of course my skills have improved since then as you will see in the quilts on the beds to other quilts displayed throughout the houses. I think of these retreats as my quilting playhouse and have tried to think of everything as though it was my own personal quilting haven.

My goal is to have each retreat be everything it can be. I have been on enough retreats where you have to haul everything from your table and chair, rotary cutter and rulers and your Ott light to not forgetting the extension cord and 3 prong adapter to be able to sew.

So, having said all this….. the question is…. are the retreats perfect?  Well….. no.

We have tried to make them as comfortable and user friendly as possible. The 6′ tables, excellent lighting and  comfortable chairs go a long way to achieve that goal.  I hear from many of the ladies that they sleep wonderfully in the beds and enjoy every aspect of the retreat house.

It truly is a ‘haven’ away from home.